A small group of people, hungry for a move of God, began meeting for prayer at the Cloverdale Farm in Newville. Soon this group rented a small building and planned services with Sister Margaret Hellman. The Church of God in Newville was birthed in that revival service with Sis. Hellman and in 1936 they organized as an official church. The Vine Street location still exists today and serves as the meeting place for the area Boy Scouts. The church began with 8 members, including the Rev. Edward Sullivan and his wife Elsie, who would serve the infant church as its first Pastors. The other six charter members were Paul and Loretta Reath, Oren and Elsie Shenk, Donald Shenk and Mary Shenk.

Some time passed when the owners of the building asked the young church to vacate the property. At that time, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burkholder opened up their home to the church to hold services. While there the church grew in membership to 29 persons.

When meeting at the Burkholder home was no longer adequate, the church then purchased the old soap factory on Broad Street in Newville, and converted the building to a sanctuary and parsonage for the Pastor. There the church continued to grow. In the late 50s, the church was able to purchase the current property on Mt. Rock Rd., and became known as Big Spring Heights Church of God, since it was now located in the Heights community of Newville.

In 1958, the church was able to begin worshiping in the new facility that was built by a young, 19 year old Pastor, the Rev. James Caldwell. A few years later, The Rev. Lloyd Bier purchased the home beside the church building to serve as a parsonage for the Pastors of the church for many years.